What is Private Labeling & Why Does It Matter?

great question

That’s a big question to ask! If you Google that question, the first response you’ll probably get is a direct definition of: “A company that connects with distributors to make products and then applies their branding and marketing onto that product in order to sell it.” And honestly, you’d get a pretty direct answer. But what about private labeling means something good that you can do for others and for yourself? Let’s break it down. 


Private labelers can make things easier to access for everyone! 

By private labelling products, you’re essentially providing someone in the world with something that somebody else wouldn’t, couldn’t, or for a price they can actually afford. 

Possibilities of Designing New Products 


As you go through the process of distributions and connecting with new teams, you may have an idea (or ten) about products that no one else is making! Fulfilling needs becomes part of your everyday life in this work, and suddenly you’re seeing unfulfilled needs everywhere! By being connected in the way that private labelling allows, you’re opening doors for production, designs, and the ability to distribute those ideas to the population. 



Gain Researching Abilities 

I've done the research

By actively being a part of this work, you’re growing your own abilities (and your resume) by teaching yourself research skills! The term research has a lot of contexts and tends to stick around our minds as something that we stop doing once we’re out of school, but the trick is, we never stop learning! By just being involved in private labeling, you’re teaching yourself precisely how business-based research works. 



Teach Yourself Something New 

Teach Yourself

Researching isn’t the only part of private labeling, though it is immensely important, you’ll also be teaching yourself possibly the following skills: graphic design, copywriting, photography, and bookkeeping! Be ready to surprise yourself with what you can do! 


While private labeling may be an eye-catcher for making money, it’s also going to do something good for the world and for yourself. You will grow in so many ways that you won’t even recognize it until you ask yourself what you were doing before you started your adventure! 



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