8 Ways to Celebrate the Spring Season

Seasons greetings from the Spring Equinox! Springtime is known as the season of growth, renewal, and rejuvenation. To celebrate our favorite time of year, we have complied a quick list of ideas to welcome the season of rebirth. 


1. Visit the Wild Flower Fields 

Spring season is often marked by breathtaking flower blossoms making their yearly debut after a cold winter. One way to celebrate is to visit the wild flower fields. Just remember to never pick the flowers or trample them, as this could prevent them from blooming ever again. Take a friend and a camera!


2. Create a Spring-Themed Dinner Menu 

Whether your hosting a dinner party with friends or meal planning for yourself for the month, add some springtime fruits and vegetables to brighten up your ingredients list. Think "light" and "refreshing" ingredients such as lemon or radishes. We love this lemon-based broth soup from Bon Appetit. 


3. Send Your Loved Ones Bouquets 

Visit your local flower markets, grocery stores, or flower shops to send your friends, family, or coworkers a beautifully arranged bouquet of spring-inspired floral arrangements. Hot tip: most grocery stores with floral departments will arrange the flowers you choose from their selection for free! 


4. Take a Neighborhood Walk 

The weather typically takes a rather pleasant turn when spring hits. Lace up your tennies and walk around your neighborhood. Enjoy the fresh air and maybe try to identify some of the wild plants blooming along the way!


5. Take Up Birding 

Bird-watching is an old hobby that has gained recent popular interest since the beginning of the pandemic. Many bird species that migrate for warmer climates return in spring, so you'll find a greater variety outdoors during this time. 


6. Spring Clean 

We always feel better after a bit of spring cleaning! Get rid of those old outfits you never wear, clean the dust behind the credenza, or shampoo the rugs. 


7. Decorate with Pastels 

Swap out the colder, darker hues of winter for the light, airy pastels of spring. Changing your bed linens, curtains, or even kitchen towels can swiftly add life to your space! 


8. Plan A Picnic 

There really is no greater time for a park picnic, plus, it's a stress-free socially-distant activity. Pack some sandwiches, a card game, and your favorite beverage to share. 


What are your favorite Spring activities? Visit us on Instagram @Houseables to let us know! 


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