Spring Cleaning Made Easy

Spring Cleaning Made Easy

Small man cleans under a dandelion

Happy Spring everyone! We at Houseables have been so excited to commemorate the coming of Spring, with April Fools Day, Easter, and flowers blooming everywhere in between, and of course- pollen! The pollen settles over us in a fine yellow dust, and we are slowly realizing that the dust has settled over our knickknacks, paddy whacks, and all even surfaces. Is there anything we can do about it? Is there anything at all we can do about the dust that settles over our comfortable homes? 

Yes! Yes there is. Here, we’ve collaborated on a list of things that we all like to do when faced with spring cleaning, and a tight put together list of ways we like to clean house and make it organized for the year to come!  


  • Deep Clean 

    • Doing this can take time and effort, so make sure you have your day planned and that you’re ready to go into the nooks and crannies of your place to make it feel brand new! 


  • To-Do Lists 

    • This task can feel overwhelming and daunting, writing down everything you need to do and seeing it all in one go? Talk about stress! But, we’ve named some easy and non-stressful ways to list out your cleaning wants. 
      • Write it on a white board, and reward yourself after each task is done! 
      • Write it in your bullet journal 
      • Set it up on your phone while you’re looking at it! 


  • Clean Room by Room  

    • Don’t just start aimlessly, make a plan for yourself! I like to start with the bathrooms, then travel to the bedroom and do my sheets and dust everything, then I make my way to the living room and dust and sweep. After that, I schedule a break for myself to eat lunch and then finish the rest of the rooms! Scheduling a break for myself helps with my energy, and ensures that I actually end up cleaning the house! 

  • Get the Household Involved 

    • Cleaning by yourself is no fun, so whether it’s your roommates, your family, your partner, or even friends- make sure you have some company to help you clean! This will make the day go by 10 times faster and the cleaning process 10 times easier. 


  • Make a Playlist! 

    • Have a playlist already? Great, blast that loud and proud! Don’t have a list of your favorite ‘dust jams’? Spotify definitely has you covered! 


  • Establish Cleaning Habits 

    • Want to make spring cleaning 2022 way easier than it was? No problem! Start setting up some solid cleaning habits for yourself in order to make the job feel and be actually enjoyable! 

  • Going Through Your Closet 

    • Switch Seasonal Clothing - Time to bring out your light blouses, breezy skirts, and put away those heavy winter boots and jackets! This is a step I forget to do until the last minute, so this year I did it early! 
    • Anything you don’t want, don’t keep! 


  • Clean Your Electronics 

    • This is something so often looked over, so we had to highlight it! That phone you use everyday definitely needs some cleaning, as does any remote control, game console, TV screen, and laptop keyboard in your house. Really this should be a more often clean than once a year, however- as long as it makes it on your list, we’re happy! 

Do you feel ready to take on your home from the dust and debris of the last year? Great! Then let’s go!


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