Products Launched this Month

Howdy folks! In the last month we have added 4 new products to our roster. This month, these new products happen to be variations of top performing products we already sell. Take a gander below for a sneak peek. 



1. "Be Kind" Merchandise Bags

Our merchandise bags have proven to be quite popular among small business owners, and we offer them in a wide array of colors. Now, we have created a bag of the same high quality with a new graphic design that reads "Be Kind", a message to remember!

2. Mirrored Countertop Tray - Silver 

We've been selling our gold trays for a couple of years now, and their popularity has not wavered. We figured we should tap into the silver-lovers market, the yang to our yin. So the eternal question prevails, do you prefer gold or silver?

3. Maternity Support Belt - Medium 

We have had somewhat of a capricious relationship with this item - while it has worked very well for some customers, others have been not so happy. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, which is why we have spent months sourcing a different size belt with improved Velcro. I think we can all agree that pregnancy is not always the most comfortable state of being, and any relief from physical discomfort is always a blessing. 

4. "Thank You" Merch Bags - Matte 

Again with the merch bags - they seriously fly off of our figurative shelves. This new matte version has a pretty cool, trendy feel to it. We have a feeling you might be seeing them at retail pop-ups throughout the summer. Let us know when you do! 


That is it for our most recent batch of product launches. We have another group of launches taking off this month, so keep an eye out to stay updated. 


xx Houseables 


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