Houseables Summer Playlist - Product Edition

Now that summer season is here again, we've picked out a few of our favorite seasonal products for you!


Fitted Picnic Table Cover 

Picnics and outdoor gatherings are more popular than ever - whether your place of choice is a local park or a national one. We all know that public tables can get a little gross, so keep your food and crew clean with this charming table cover. 


Kid's Play Tent 

Summertime is camping season for a lot of families, and kids carry the memories made during these trips for life. Whether your household is hitting the campgrounds or staying put in the backyard, the camping experience is a fun one for all. This play tent is great for kids to enjoy wherever. 


Continuous Spray Bottle 

It's gearing up to be a pretty hot summer, and sometimes even a good central AC can't stop the heat. In this case, it's handy to have several cooling tools in your arsenal. We like the continuous spray bottle for spraying down skin with cool water and allowing it to airdry in front of a fan, AC, or breeze. 


Foil Insulation Roll 

If you live in an older, uninsulated home, you can be letting cool air escape. Insulating saves you the torture of high temperatures but also money on your gas and electricity bills. Bonus, the insulation will trap the warm air during the winter! Thinking ahead never felt so good. 


Insulated Grocery Bags

Now that we're all back to shopping for our own groceries again (if we ever stopped), we've got to keep them fresh from store to fridge in this heat as best we can. Avoid warm dairy and moldy peaches with insulated grocery bags that keep cold items cold and warm items warm. 


Food Squeeze Bottle 

It's bbq season! We like to fill up these convenient condiment bottles with our favorite sauces to be easily shared around the grill. 


Acrylic Sign Holder 

There is an entire year's worth of backlogged weddings happening this summer and many people are taking the events into their own hands when it comes to the logistics, including decorations. If that situation is your situation, our rose gold acrylic frames make lovely table markers and centerpieces. 


What are your favorite items that you've purchased for the summer? Share with us on Instagram @houseables 






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