Delicious Summer Meal-Prepping Recipes!

School may be out, but that doesn’t mean that kids are in the house for the summer! Summer means playing, adventuring, and not always having the time to stop in and make a full lunch. You might not even have the full-time yourself to stop and get some nourishment! Since we at Housables’ 100% understand how it feels, we’ve compiled a small list of easy and delicious meals that you can make tonight!

These beautiful and tasty pasta salads are perfect to cool down the house and to fill up any rumbling tummies! 

Pinwheels are awesome, easy, and tasty treats to make for yourself for tomorrow (and we’re sure that anyone who eyes them will be taking sneaky bites themselves)! We love these so much that we’ve included a few types! 


These Apple Cheese Wraps, honestly these awoke my tastebuds to fruit and cheese as a pairing! 

We’ll be back with more recipes and summer things next week! 


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