Cool Amazon Products to Keep You, Well, Cool

There are gadgets and gizmos a-plenty out on the Amazon market that are both innovative and cost effective. Now that the summer season is slowly (but surely) heating things up, we thought you might appreciate a quick list of items that are designed to keep you cool through these high temperatures. 


"Portable" Ceiling Fan 

Skip the pricey installation costs with this ceiling fan that doesn't need traditional in-ceiling mounting. You just install the hook, hang the fan, and plug it into the wall! 

Personal Air Conditioner 

We did not even know that these personal AC units even existed! All you have to do is add water, ice cubes, and plug it in. This linked item has pretty good user reviews. 

Ice Vest 

This vest allows you to keep refillable ice packs close to the chest, effectively keeping you cool! It's good for both indoor and outdoor use, strenuous activity or just "chilling". 

Battery-Powered Misting Fan 

These things have been around for awhile now, but you see them less often than you'd think. This spray bottle is battery-powered, so there is less room for malfunction. To use, you simply spritz your body with water and allow the fan to cool it directly on your skin. It works so well, especially for the cost. 

Battery-Operated Neck Fan 

This is one is on the funkier side of all the inventions, but having two fans on your face sounds really nice. It has to be worth trying, right? 

Ice Cream Roller Plate 

Homemade ice cream with nothing but a frozen board! Skip the additives in store-bought ice cream and make yours home, fresh. What a great activity for the family! 

Slushy and Smoothie Maker

Make slushies and smoothies on your countertop within minutes. Simply freeze the cup for a few hours, add in your ingredients, and wait. What a treat! 

Cooling Eye Mask 

Keep this mask in the fridge for cooling, and use it on your face while sleeping for both a cooling effect and a skin tightening benefit. Full face versions are also available! 

iPhone Fan 

This fan is powered by your cell phone! It faces you directly while your scrolling, which is always. It's compact and lightweight, but packs a gusty punch. 


This list is short, there are a ton of more items out there! What cooling item have you found recently that you love and recommend? Tell us on Instagram @Houseables 


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