6 Ways to Stay Connected During Quarantine Using Social Media

Staying indoors has been difficult in many ways for many people. For us extroverts and social beings, not being able to interact with our friends and family is one of the more difficult consequences to endure. 


We’ve composed a list of ways you can use social media to stay connected with your friends and family, and maybe even meet some new people!


Digital dance parties

For those of us that like to boogie down, digital dance parties have become a huge social hit! Typically using Zoom, you connect with a host DJ who plays music for all to enjoy. Some are themed, with costumes and disco lights encouraged!


Zebulon's Distant Disco (Saturdays)

Hoy Digital Dance Party (Saturdays)

La Cita's Cumbia Fever (Thursdays)



Online Fitness Classes

Due to the closures of many gyms and fitness clubs, people have been craving creative ways to exercise. Luckily, many gyms and fitness coaches have started offering online courses, keeping themselves and others moving. Check out some below, and check in with your local gym to see what they’re offering!


POPSUGAR Fitness Classes (YouTube - FREE)

The Yoga Collective (Free Trial then $15 a Month)

Playground LA Dance Classes ($5 per Class)


Start a Digital Book Club

You can orchestrate a digital book club using your preferred digital platform (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to invite friends or make new ones! You have the option of digitally downloading books within minutes, or, order a physical copy to be delivered to your address via mail. Some local bookstores are also offering curbside pickup! 


Houseparty App

The Houseparty App is like FaceTime, but more fun with games. You can add as many people as you want, and play games such as Pictionary or Heads Up. Everyone can download and play remotely from their phone!



By now you have surely seen a TikTok video, maybe even 100 Tiktok videos. Download the TikTok app to make fun content to share with your friends and family!


Virtual trivia league

If you’re looking to keep your mind sharp while at home but also love a little competition, join a virtual trivia league! The great thing about an online league is that you can join from anywhere, so compete with players from around the country or even the globe! If you’re feeling really ambitious, start a small digital trivia night with loved ones.

Virtual Trivia Night by Cerrito Entertainment

Jackie Lee's Trivia Night (Thursdays)


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