8 Houseables Products to Take on Your Next Camping Trip

Howdy friends! Camping season is around the corner and it'll soon be time to dust off the outdoor equipment (unless you've been winter camping, in which case, we salute you). We've got some pretty cool products that you can add to your gear bin, so set up camp and read on for some suggestions! 


1. Fitted Picnic Table Cover

The cleanliness of public park tables was always questionable to begin with, but now with Covid on our trails, it certainly doesn't hurt to be extra cautious. Our fitted picnic table covers fit most standard public tables, and include bench seat covers for additional protection. Not to mention, they're cute to boot! 

2. Insulated Grocery Bags 

Depending on how remote your campsite is, grocery stores tend to be few and far between. Having a few insulated grocery bags on hand is great for when you have to travel long distances in between food runs. Keep the ice frozen and those meat cuts fresh for the grill! 


3. Corkscrew Wine Opener 

There's nothing more upsetting than wanting a glass of wine after a long hike only to realize you forgot the opener at home. Our trusty wine opener is your right-hand-man! Use it for wine, beer, and more.


4. Weed Torch 

For the outdoorsmen braving the high elevations and snowy climates, a weed torch might be a good tool to keep handy. Start a [controlled, legal] fire with ease and maybe even speed up the process of getting your vehicle unstuck from the snow. 


5. Vinyl Storage Bags 

Ok, this might actually be the most important one. If you camp like us and enjoy a warm, plush bed in your tent, the amount of blankets you pack can get a little out of control. These vinyl bags allow you to fold your blankets to store them all together while keeping them clean. The shape remains rectangular, making them easy to stack and take up less space. 


6. Kid's Play Tent 

If you're camping with kiddos and want to give them a separate space to play in, away from the bedding and important items, give them a designated play tent! They can play camp while camping, run in and out, tell ghost stories, or make shadow puppets. It's all in their imagination! 


7. RV Extension Cord 

Camping in an RV? We've got extension cords for your generator, and ravingly good reviews! 


8. Silicone Tape 

We offer an abundance of medical tapes and bandages. It's always a good idea to keep your First Aid Kit stocked and ready for any emergency. Follow the link here or simply search "Houseables bandage" on Amazon to see all the variety! 


9. Bungee Cords 

Tie-downs abound! Bungee straps are always good to have in an adventure van - for packing, creating a temporary clothesline, and more. 


Which of our products can you see yourself using in the great outdoors? Let us know by visiting our Insta @Houseables. See you soon! 


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