6 Houseables Products that are Perfect for Summer Crafts with Your Kids

Messy crafting table

With summer and no school right around the corner, we know the kids will be home and (at least some of the time) be bored out of their minds! And from boredom blooms curiosity, creativity, and fun- but of course, it never hurts to help those 3 things along! We sell an amazing assortment of things that could help out with your creative kiddos crafting endeavors, and we've put a little list together to make it easy for you! 


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Craft Foam

Honestly, this product speaks for itself, but if you’re in need of any ideas, there's a few right here: 

    • Make fun animal shapes¬†
    • Create puppets for a puppet show¬†
    • Getting SUPER creative and building cosplay¬†
    • Create and paint summer decorations¬†
    • Make forever lasting flowers


Galvanized Buckets

    • This one may not be so obvious, but we‚Äôve come up with some pretty amazing ideas!¬†
    • Parties¬†
    • Sand castles¬†
    • Decorating them¬†
    • Grow plants and watch¬†



    • Not only are these absolutely PERFECT for any fun drink your kiddo may want, but they also can:¬†
      • Be decorated¬†
      • Be used to hold candy and treats
      • Be used as unique party favors!¬†




    • Upgrade these colors from classic to fantastic! We believe using acrylic paint is your best (and cheapest) option for sprucing up these frames, but to each their own.¬†
    • Succulent garden (for the older kids, or the kids in all of us adults). All you have to do here is take the back off of the frames and¬†
    • Erasable calendar
    • Earring display¬†
    • Use craft foam to make the frames 3D¬†


Pasta Machine 

    • I saw this ADORABLE¬†Tik-Tok the other day where a mom built a mini AND totally functional kitchen for her kiddo! It was amazing! So I thought hey, what do we sell that could work for this? The pasta machine! While we don‚Äôt think this should be used without the proper supervision, this thing is perfect for play-dough rolls and learning how to make pasta! Heck, make some real pasta if you like!¬†



    • This is less of a thing you can use to craft, and more to store the crafts you‚Äôre doing! We sell a plethora of jars that are all different sizes, colors, and types! Use them to:¬†
      • Store homemade paint¬†
      • Store homemade slime¬†
      • Store homemade clay¬†
      • Store spice mixes¬†
      • Store mud pies¬†
      • Store special sea shells from the beach¬†

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