5 Steps to Buying like a Business (and Thinking like a Designer)

Every new Houseables product has to make it through a barrage of evaluations and analyses from our team before they ever end up on our virtual shelves. We want you to have the same confidence in your purchasing decisions at home, so we’ve narrowed our process down to a 5-point checklist just for you! 

 Houseables Buy like a Business Poster

Download the PDF Poster 



1. What first comes to mind when I see this product?

No time to think! Does something catch your eye? Can you immediately think of uses for it? Does it bring back a memory? Not only does this help product designers and photographers understand what makes a good first impression, it helps you know if this is something you will reach for in your daily life.  

2. For what person/purpose is this product most attractive/useful?

Businesses don't want to sell useless junk any more than you want to buy it. A lot of work goes into making sure every product has an audience that will enjoy it. The best way to avoid impulse-purchasing is to know how a product can fit into your life before you buy.

3. What do I like and what would I change?

After first impressions, it's time to analyze. Making a habit of identifying what you like and don't like as you shop is how you build your personal style and will, in the long run, help you become a faster decision-maker.

4. What features would I expect a product like this to have?

This is a big one. Anticipating a user's needs and giving them the exact experience they were looking for is the holy grail of design and development. When you're shopping for yourself (and you've already followed step 2), think about your own needs and expectations. Which bells and whistles are most important to you?

5. What would be good variations on this product?  

Whether in colors, sizes, scents, or strengths, everybody loves having choices. If you already know a product is great, expanding the line to suit even more styles and needs is a no-brainer. Conquer your fear of matchy-matchy sets and duplicates. If you can't decide between two options that both pass this list, why not choose both?


We hope with these tools you can go forth to become a more strategic, confident shopper. Why not test run your skills right here on the Houseables site? We have an great selection of products just waiting for the perfect home (also free 2-day shipping, just saying 🚚). 


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