10 Common Misconceptions When Starting a Brand

You Need a Business, Design, Marketing, Anything Degree

This problem often comes from a deeper part of us that tends to feel that we, as we are, aren’t good enough to do what we want to do. The thing is, you are! You don’t need a degree or anything fancy to start your brand or your own business tonight. All it takes is a plan and some ambition. 

You Need to Purchase Designs and Branding Immediately 

Branding and Designing your business usually isn’t something that comes into play until you have a very solid understanding of what your business is meant to do. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t go through this process earlier rather than later (it is extremely fun after all), it just means that you don’t need to panic or worry about getting it done in the beginning! 


Your Branding Needs to Be What You’re Going to Use Forever (so it MUST be perfect!) 

One thing that I notice a lot of first-time entrepreneurs seem to think is that their design or brand of their business simply MUST be perfect. Otherwise the business won’t seem professional or will fail immediately purely based on aesthetics. The great thing about being an entrepreneur (and being human, frankly) is that we are made to change all the time, and so is your brand! Brands upgrade and change all the time, that could be in any category as well. Don’t be afraid to start with something that isn’t perfect-beyond-compare right now, it will be eventually! 


Your Marketing Doesn’t Need a Big Portion of Attention 

Maybe you’re new to the idea of being an entrepreneur, or maybe you think that social media is enough marketing for your product/business, but the truth of it is that growth comes from people. That means marketing! Marketing your business and yourself is extremely important, and can take a big amount of time, thought, and sometimes cash. I know, that sounds intimidating, but the good news is that once you understand your business, you understand how to market for it! 


Your Audience Won’t Want to Know About You 

When thinking about your business, you’re probably thinking about your business rather than your business. Sounds weird? Of course it does, but it’s true for a lot of entrepreneurs. They often see their businesses as it’s own entity rather than an extension of themselves. This often means that when promoting or building the brand, entrepreneurs may try to leave personal touches out of the process which is the complete opposite of what they should be doing! What audiences (AKA people) want to see is transparency. This word may get tossed around a lot, but it’s one of the best to toss around. 


Transparency is, in basics, your audience having the ability to know that you and your company will be honest and real with them no matter what it’s about. This is why businesses and personal brands are more open about their internal problems, or about their struggles to get where they are now. This establishes a line of trust with people that often leads to a better understanding of you as a person and not as a business. 


You Won’t Need to Research Anything 

Let me be very clear: Research. Is. Everything! You will have to do so much research that you may get tired of it, but you also may find out something new about yourself, your business, or even your audience! Research your demographics, your competition, your (possible) suppliers, marketing techniques, online business planners, and budgeting options for yourself. There’s of course even more past this, but those are all reasons to say that you will absolutely have to research things in order to grow your business. 


That It’s Better to Do On Your Own 


Sometimes (most times), things are just better to do with a friend, family member, or partner. This doesn’t mean you need to make them a business partner, but building your stock, taking photos, or going over your research (that you’ve now definitely done since we talked about it right?) can be boring to do by yourself. Whether you have someone you want to have involved in the business there or you just want company, it’s never a bad idea to have someone you trust with you to make doing this more fun! 


That Discussing Your Idea is a Bad Idea 

Of course, don’t discuss your idea with anyone that you think might monetize it for themselves, but this is to say that reaching out to people (like we said above) is never a bad idea! Talk to other business owners, talk to your mom, talk to your best friend! Of course, if you’re sure someone will use the idea for themselves, don’t share it with them, but also don’t be afraid of other people! 


That Starting or Growth ‘Just Take Time’ 

Most problems don’t need you to wait on them to solve them, nor do they need to be procrastinated on in order to look at them in another light. If you’re facing a plateau in growth or in starting your project, putting it on the back burner and telling yourself ‘it just takes time’ isn’t going to get you anywhere unless you know for sure that that is the solution. Don’t be afraid to try new things to solve old problems. 


That Waiting to Learn More or Start Will Help You Feel Ready 

The worst thing I’ve ever done for myself is wait on things to be ‘just right’ to make a move. Waiting on other people before moving out, waiting on myself for things to feel right with a new change, waiting on people to understand something before moving on with myself. Waiting will kill you if you let it, so don’t wait. Start yourself up, get researching! Do even the smallest thing that will progress you towards your goal, the worst thing that can happen is you learn something new and have to get creative!


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