Zoom? What’s a Zoom?
16th Apr 2020

Zoom? What’s a Zoom?

Many of us were unfamiliar with the video communication service just a couple of months ago. Now, in a time of strict social distancing, it has become the tool of choice for business and personal interactions.

The content team over here has got your back and rounded up a couple of tips and tricks to help you become a Zoom pro and impress your coworkers.

You may not be able to be a globetrotting backpacker for the time being, but you can change your Zoom background so that it feels like you’re somewhere other than on your couch. All you have to do is visit Settings > Virtual Background.

For some, emojis are their love language. If you have a reaction in a meeting that you just need to make known, you can pick any of the available emoji options to voice your thoughts. Happen to send something a bit too bold and immediately regret it? Don’t worry. Emojis disappear within 5 seconds.

If putting on makeup is just not on the agenda these days, you’re not alone. With Zoom’s “Touch Up My Appearance” setting, you will look like you woke up like this. The feature will automatically smooth over any skin imperfections and make you look runway ready with the click of a button.

Screen sharing can be essential in getting a project done with your team, and for sharing a good laugh once in a while. Perfect whether you’re analyzing pie charts or laughing at the latest dog faux pas on YouTube.

Record your meeting so you can refer back to it later. If you are suffering from chronic daydreams of being somewhere other than your house (no judgement), this feature will allow you to review any key points you may have missed.

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