Jute Twine Ornaments
20th Dec 2018

Jute Twine Ornaments

What You'll Need:

Style #1

1. Take your Houseables Fillable Light Bulb and apply a few centimeters off Houseables Hot Glue to the rim. Attach Houseables Jute Twine along the glue and repeat the process as you wrap your twine around the bulb, from the edge of the screw to the base of the bulb. Once you've reached the base, cut the twine and glue the end to the bottom of the bulb.

2. Once you've fully glued a layer of twine around the bulb, wrap another round of jute twine around the bulb to give it a fuller look. This time, only glue the edges of the twine to the bulb, at the top and the base. The rest of the twine should not be glued.

3. Next, cut 2 leaves and a few berries from your faux holly bouquet. Glue them to the neck of the bulb. You may also include a pine cone in your display.

4. Glue a jingle bell adjacent to your arrangement, at the neck of the bulb.

5. Cut a piece of jute twine, fashion it into a loop, and glue it to the top of the bulb so you can hang your masterpiece on your tree!

Style #2

1. Remove the screw cap from your Houseables Fillable Light Bulb. Starting from the neck, begin to glue down your Houseables Jute Twine using a hot glue gun and Houseables Glue Sticks.

2. Continue to wrap the twine around the light bulb in a random pattern, using small dots of glue every one to two inches, or as needed. Once you are satisfied with the amount of twine you have used, cut the end piece from your roll and glue it down.

3. Arrange your pine cone and holly together "bouquet" style, and then glue them towards the upper section of the bulb (near the neck but below the screw cap). Add in your small jingle bells for an especially festive touch.

4. Poke out the silver top of your screw cap from the inside. Thread a piece of jute twine through the cap and tie both ends in a knot. Voila!

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