6 of Our Favorite and Recommended Cleaning Products
22nd Apr 2020

6 of Our Favorite and Recommended Cleaning Products

Spring is here (yeah, we forgot too) so it's time to purge our homes of last year's dust (yuck) and Spring Clean! 

Listed below are our absolute favorite cleaning products that you can use yourself or recommend to a friend. 

Happy Scrubbing! 

Cobweb Duster

100" Cobweb Duster 

Ok, if you are afraid of spiders and their webs creep you out, this is a must-have. Reach into the far corners of your ceiling without risking close contact with the 8-legged beasts.

  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Let's get real - these things are unbelievable. You don't know how white your walls used to be until you wipe them down with one of these. The name doesn't lie, they really are magic. 

Bottle Cleaning Brushes

Bottle Brush Cleaning Set 

These brushes are a game changer. Their range in size and long handles allow you to scrub cracks and crevices like you never have before. 

Meyer's Multi Surface Concentrate Cleaner

Meyer's Multi-Surface Concentrate Cleaner 

This stuff is fantastic - you can clean almost any surface with it vs. having multiple cleaners for different surface types in your home. Bonus - it's less harsh to humans than other brands, smells great, and is cruelty-free! 

Spray Bottles

Spray Bottles 

If you use homemade cleaner or prefer to homogenize your products, these cobalt glass spray bottles are perfect! This set from Amazon includes measurements along the side, label stickers, and a funnel!

Reusable Dish Washing Gloves

Reusable Scrubbing Dish-washing Gloves 

While gloves seen like a no-brainer, often we get swept into cleaning duties without thinking to protect our skin and bodies from the harsh chemicals we use. These gloves are great for protection and double as a built-in scrubber!

That's all folks - happy cleaning!  

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